Reflection 1:Emerging Technologies

This has been an interesting and fast paced first week. Emerging technologies is an interesting topic to start a class with that is filled with new-to-me-technology usage. It is exciting to be learning new tools but it is also a little nerve wrecking I am going to miss something important. My classmates have some of the same opinions and questions pertaining to emerging technologies as I do.

After reading through the blogs and reflections, it is clear just how unclear technology is and where it is headed. Everything depends on who uses a tool and what it is used for that makes it worth having. This concept seems to be as individual as fingerprints. Well, maybe not fingerprints but in a classroom setting, I want a tool to be thought out and useful, not thought of as just a game. As a teacher, I am willing to try anything that could add engagement and learning to my classroom. I look forward to learning more about technology but I am even more excited to learn how to use a little bit more too!


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