Wk2:Reflection:Open Learning

Open learning seems to be on everyone’s radar and this week I have learned many interesting and new things about up and coming technologies. What took me by surprise was the fact that I have used open learning tools and never gave one extra thought as to them being such a big deal. I ,of course was excited about having access to a free language learning tool and Khan Academy is another good tool for practice with older students within my classroom.

Open learning resources seem like a great tool to have in your teacher’s tool box but there needs to be a conversation about student safety online and validity of information presented through the open learning resource. These two expectations of safety and validity have always been a part of a teacher’s daily ritual. We, as teachers, are in the classroom to provide safe and thought provoking activities to engage our students to become successful citizens. With many things in the world, not just with technology, in a stage of constant change, we need to teach (as well as learn) what the real meaning of flexibility is. Open learning is just another avenue to get our students involved in their own learning in a way many students communicate every day.





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