I do very much enjoy reading everyone’s ideas of how to use GH, MOOCs, and “Flipped” versions of classroom resources.

In my Blog posting, I went with GH as an appealing resource as of the current time. Many of my peers agreed that having the students pursue a passion project would keep their motivations high while allowing creativity to run wild. I did not find many people with negatives about GH other than the teacher not knowing where to start to get something like GH rolling in their classroom.

The neatest phenomenon I found was needing to choose one that is most appealing but how all three of these emerging technologies (Genuis Hour, MOOCs[Massive Open Online Course], Flipped Classroom)kind of run hand in hand (and hand).

Like I had mentioned I chose GH (geniushour.com) as the tech that seemed most appealing. Through the research I had done on learning more about GH, I stumbled upon a MOOC to learn the steps of getting started. After you feel comfortable with GH and open this resource up to your students, the flipping of your class can begin. If the students working in the GH apparatus have truly picked a passion to pursue, they will be looking for resources on their own time to fulfill the requirement for their project that started in GH! Thus making all of these great resources, within each other.


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