Allowing students a creative time for building what interests them- enter Makerspace, stage right. The Makerspace Movement seems to be finding its place in many districts, as well as communities, throughout the world. This idea of thought provoking, hands-on creation, is working its way back into schools and I am excited to have a part in this new movement.

When I attended grade school, I had separate classes for music, art, and Tech Education. The “Tech” in my day referred to hand and power tool usage to build birdhouses and gumball machines but also shoot rockets. Fast forward a few years to when educators were (and still are) fighting to keep music and art, and other extra curricular activities in the schools. It is an odd thing sometimes to watch ideas fade and become reborn. I guess that is a part of aging and again watching trends come and go.

I full heartedly believe there is a place for Makerspace in a school setting. I can truthfully say that before last week, I did not have a good grasp on what a Makerspace was but I can see its benefits (self-direct learning, high motivation, collaboration, artistic skills, and many more) in any grade with any type of student. I can now be an advocate for my students. I am also excited to present this information to my district and see what come of this Maker Movement in my school.


One thought on “wk4:Reflection-Makerspace”

  1. Laura,
    Your point, that the idea of Markerspace is thought provoking, hands-on creation, was genius. The tech elective classes we had also involved woodshop. Computers were just making their way in the 90s. I agree that the Makerspace concept is one that is very useful and does need to be implemented more in our schools and communities.



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