wk 5 Reflection: Design a Device for Classroom usage

I have so much to learn. Every week as I get the next assignment, I realize I am behind the times. Although the times are in constant flux with technology, I barely know the basics.

There are many new devices hitting the shelves and still in development that could have the potential to elevate learning within a classroom. My wish would be to find exactly what would work best and have it work with ease. Asking for one device that does it all is not the realistic situation but it would simplify things for teachers who have less technology experience, like myself.

I have to remind myself of this simple statement often: Take it slow. There are just so many amazing products that actually do as they claim and trying to learn to many of them at a time would create more stress than needed. First, I need to figure out my students’ needs for learning. Next, figure out what I am able to access through my district as well as the limitations that I would have due to my remote situation. I also need to find out what I am capable of using with my current “slow-to-learn” technology skills.

The possibilities are endless when all of the little “tech ducks” are in a row. My job now is to secure some “ducks” and the knowledge that goes along with them!


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