Wk 6: Reflection on Coding

As I read through other’s reflections and blogs, I noticed a larger group leaning towards wanting to open their classrooms to coding if they had not started already. There were millions of resources provided this week pertaining to coding with or without the use of computers. I enjoyed learning of all the different ways coding can be taught and I am also looking into taking a few of the self paced courses on coding since I am new to the scene.

The largest issue(s) that kept coming up was not finding the time in the day to introduce coding or not being allowed by districts to divert from a strict curriculum. Integration, in my opinion, should be at the cornerstone of, dare I say, every subject. Many times integration happens naturally without much planning so imagine what could happen if you planned to integrate computer sciences into your classroom activities, all while keeping within your curriculum.

Many of the coding activities do not even need to be done in a classroom setting let alone through the use of a computer. Much of these emerging technologies are just that, emerging, so who is to say they will work with your group of students or not until you have a plan and try it. I may be crossing some lines at this point but everything we do, especially when it fails, is an opportunity to learn. I was told more than once that we as educators know our students best academically (maybe another line crossed) since we spend a lot of time with them. If we are doing our other job of assessing their knowledge through many differing facets, we should know if something is workable or not.



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