wk9:Reflection on BYOD

I am still not exactly sure where I stand with BYOD in schools. If I worked in a district that already had that policy in place, I would honor those expectations and hopefully do a great job at working personal devices into my daily classroom activities. But I believe an approach for BYOD should be aimed more towards the upper grades, which I do not teach on a regular basis.

My classroom has consisted of the integration of different electronic technologies but I have used them to merely enhance lessons, to teach keyboarding skills, or for the use in centers.

As a parent, I would struggle with sending my own children to school with personal devices just because it is a huge distraction even at home and many students want to “borrow” someone else’s tech. I would enjoy having the same technology for all students as it takes much of the guess work out for trouble shooting when, inevitably, something goes wrong.


One thought on “wk9:Reflection on BYOD”

  1. I can understand as a parent being hesitant to send expensive devices to school. I teach first grade and as a 1st grade teacher I don’t want to deal with the mess because first graders loose everything! I can see though in a high school setting it could be beneficial but it takes a lot of responsibility.


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