wk 10: Reflection on electronic crafts

This week’s resources were numerous and awe inspiring. It is hard to believe some of the many products that are new to the tech world. I remember sitting around as a child pretending we had hover boards, cyborg type limbs, laser weapons and flying cars.  Those were just things in great sci-fi movies. These far-out ideas of my past are making their way into reality and the most amazing thing… as an educator I am someone who can help students have a space to create these playful and/or helpful devices.

I was a little one sided this week with my thoughts about crafting with electronics. I have not had much experience with any of these “techniques” of crafting using electronics except for a brief encounter with Paper Circuitry. I had an opportunity to attend ASTE last winter and if it would not have been for that experience, I would not be as excited about introducing Paper Circuitry in to my school for this coming year or probably for this Emerging Tech Class (no offense Dr. G). Many of the other crafting tools, like the sewable circuit threads and programmable clothing seems to fall to the side for me, at least just for starters. But knowing how to sew brings those types of mechanisms more quickly into my world before digital makeup.

The thought of introducing this type of curriculum or even Makerspace type learning apparatus to my students is exciting. If I go into this year with that type of attitude towards completely new learning opportunities, I am positive that the positivity will carry over onto my students.




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