Wk11 Reflection:District Tech Policies

Students today have technology within their homes that can be utilized at schools in a productive manner. The main idea is to engage students and have them bring about real life experiences for lifelong learning to be successful. All of these “staples” to education can be achieved when policies are put in place to teach students with/through emerging technologies. (Emphasis on teach.)Most students bring devices to school anyways. Why not capitalize on those devices? What would be the big issue with letting the student’s feel as though they “won this battle”?

In the long run, as far as the future of technology use in employment opportunities, they will win because they will have the experience and vocabulary. The students of today will be better equipped for tomorrow by learning these emerging technologies and also will learn to adapt them for the needs of the future. By knowing how things work also acts as a catalyst for teaching others.

Teachers need to get on board with learning at least some of these new technologies. Technology changes quickly but once a strong foundation is set, learning more advanced tech will become second nature. As for myself, I also need to start learning technology at a faster rate so I can “keep up with the times” and my students.


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