WK 12: Funding Proposal Reflection

This has been an interesting class of Emerging Technologies. I found so many amazing resources and ideas but I also found a few ideas I may let someone else lead the way in. However, there was extreme growth for me in terms of knowing what tech is out in the world currently and different strategies in which I can engage my students in a fast growing world of innovative concepts.

I am excited for this new year to start! The funding proposal was an interesting assignment as I was able to get a view from an administrative perspective. There are many things to consider when something new wants to be presented in a school and it has been my experience to watch things just happen instead of looking at all the aspects to this “new thing”. I have often seen the price tag to be the sticking point for many new ideas to not be placed into schools and I agree that this should be an important thought. An inexpensive plan may be just as good, if not better, at engaging students and teaching them real life experiences than a plan with famous names and a large expense. However, I have seen the price tag be the main focus where the questions of “Is it good for the students? How will the students benefit?” have never graced a conversation.

I have seen schools reach for quick fix technologies without looking down the long road of future usage or sustainability. I enjoyed looking at the sustainability part of the plan because it forced me to think of the future, even if it just happened to be three years down the road until a new technology policy would be written. I also enjoyed brainstorming other ideas to get the Paper Circuitry plan funded even if my district could not support it financially.

Support can be shown in many ways and although a district may not be able to produce the extra funds to get an innovative technology into their schools, at least having the support to introduce it into the classroom is most important. If there is no district buy-in and the parents are unsupportive, another approach may need to be taken. The plan would be to keep pushing and coming up with more ideas to reach those support systems.

Emerging Technologies are in the group of always changing ideals as they have to be able to support the fast moving world and the growing supply for technology. We need to make sure that we, as teachers, and our students are prepared to grow along with the technology.


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